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Alright Zoey Deschanel! As always this is a free game, but if you like what you played, support these developers by donating!

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Despite some pacing issues and repetitive imagery, this is a disturbing experience with great world building. I cant wait to read game theories on this in the coming months! Originally posted by gyobu-moved. Hey YOU! Your goal is to steal back the income you rightfully deserve by driving and smashing into things. This is suuuuuch a good concept as it really gives depth to this simple arcade game. Support this game if you want more politics in your games!

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Download it now! Well hello my lonesome hearts! According to the developer Mitch Alexander, he plans to release more content in the coming months so stay tuned.

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Its adorable, short, funny, and of course FREE. This game is great because you can just feel the love put into these characters and it normalizes having a group of queer friends without drawing attention to it …unlike this post.

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Also, If you can, I encourage you to donate to support games like this because games like this are why diversity matters. You also get an art book if you do.

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