Abandoned game walkthrough

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In Krutovig's point-and-click adventure Abandonedeveryone else in your family thought your brother was rather eccentric but harmless with his talk of doors to other worlds until he goes missing in what was presumably an epic fit of "I'll show them. I'll show them all! To play, just click the edges of the screen to navigate to other areas when available, and your cursor will change whenever it passes over something you can interact with. Items in you inventory can be used by clicking them to pick them up, or combined by clicking first one then the other whenever possible.

When in doubt, retrace your steps! You may find that something you've done has revealed something else in a place you've already been before.

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Keep an eye out for secrets as well, as there are four hiding throughout the game. There's a great, subtle otherworldly quality to Abandoned that puts one in mind a bit of Mateusz Skutnik's work, with an eye for detail and understated but lovely aesthetics that are full of clean lines and great use of lighting. For the most part, Abandoned is fairly straightforward, avoiding obnoxious point-and-click pixel hunts The biggest complaint might actually be the game is fairly large in terms of the areas you travel to, and being forced to go back and forth over long, empty ladders or tunnels abandoned game walkthrough a little tedious.

Those long sections may give a sense of scope and scale, but they're also just obnoxious and drawn out. Still, Abandoned's beautiful understated style and deft touch with the supernatural or is it scifi? As the first chapter of a planned series, Abandoned promises big things down the road, and is definitely something point-and-click fans should keep an eye on. It isn't always as intuitive as it could be, but its promise and style makes it stand out from the pack.

Walkthrough video from Stan Jayisgames Team :. Play Abandoned. Collect the knob on the ground. Click it in your inventory to pick it up, then again to put it back. You've got a key in your inventory, and a piece of paper. Click the paper to read the note, which is from your brother and explains the key. That's nice of him. Go back to the right. Back to the left, and now there are indentions in the cliff face. Click each one, then the top of the screen to climb.

No, you just have to click any one of the indentions on the new screen, not all of them. Do that, then click up to keep climbing. Repeat that, and then you're standing beside abandoned game walkthrough lake.

Can't go forward, so go right. It's a door, but there's no handle. Go left twice.

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Another door, and this one has a handle, but it's locked. See if that key you started the game with will work. It does, so open the door and stroll on through. Now you're in a mine. The door in front of you takes you back to the lake, and there's no good reason to do that. You just got here, after all. The only other thing to see is a mine cart that's missing a wheel. Look in the mine cart and take the oiler. Nothing else here, so back up.

Left is blocked, so head right. There's a switch that does nothing and a bricked-up door, so keep going right. A manhole cover in the middle of the tracks seems dangerous, but it's locked anyway. There's a rock hovering in midair. That's odd. Go right. Take the pick from the wall. The can mounted to the wall drips oil, and as luck would have it, you have an oiler in your pocket.

Use it on the red can to fill the oiler. Right again. Apart from the hovering rocks that's weird, right? Before you do, take the note from the wall. It's available in the papers in your inventory, and is also from your brother. Back to the left a few times, to the bricked-up door. Use your pick on the bricked-up door. After all, if you weren't meant to go in there, someone wouldn't have covered it over with bricks and abandoned game walkthrough.

Go on in. Oh lovely. A skeleton. And a wheel. And a light fixture with a light bulb. Well, take the wheel anyway. Might be able to use it on the cart.

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Speaking of the cart, go there. Use the switch, and heaven help you if you were standing on the tracks as the cart SCREAMS past you, and then crashes violently into something. Something dirt-shaped, if I had to guess. But let's head back to the left to see what's there. A big red button with no label. What's the worst that could happen? Besides, that, I mean. Push it. See, just a ladder.

Go up, and up, and up, and up. You're in a room with a door that, of course, is locked with a four-digit code.

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Some weird-looking symbols in that code. There is a note on the wall that you can take. It's from your brother, after all. Also, a lighter in the leftmost alcove. Come back down the ladder one time. There's an odd block on the right wall. Use your pick on it to reveal a strange shape that looks kind of like a lowecase u. Come all the way back down the ladder and back to the big dirt pile. You're outside, at least. This is not normal. Go right two more times and you'll see a stone ladder hovering in midair. We'll come back to that in a minute. Go right again. There you see your fourth stone with light fixture over a grate.

Going right one more time abandoned game walkthrough you see the hovering stone, but no grate and no light fixture on the bottom. Click the bottom edge of the stone, we're going to get to the bottom of this. An upside-down h. That clears everything up. Back up, and go right again. Another ladder.

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Definitely climb down this. As you do. A note from your brother on the left, which you should take, and if you keep going down, you'll come to a grate on the left. You can go right here, and you should I'm going to, anywayand you find more ladder. Go down this one, see another wall grate, and it's the end of the line. This one has screws, though. Keep that in mind in case you ever find a screwdriver.

There's always a screwdriver in these games. Back up, and back to the stone ladder. Climb up it. After going up four times, you'll see platforms to the left and right, and the ladder continues up. Here you see a stand, and a abandoned game walkthrough in the air. Weird how this doesn't even surprise you anymore. Go all the way to the right.

It's a locked door, with a rectangular recess to its right. Also, a key. We like keys. The only thing we've seen locked so far has been the manhole cover, so head back there.

Abandoned game walkthrough

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