Best furry games

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Can mods be included? Since I'm having a hard time thinking of PC-only titles. Starbound has a ton of race mods from foxes, sergals, dogs, cats among others, I generally can't play without them because they do help me connect more with my character.

Naturally there is Skyrim best furry games of the Khajiit cat race and werewolves, plus a ton of mods. Its also pure coincidence that I happen to steal everything that isn't bolted down when playing one, I swear! Edit: Wanted to add Blood of the Werewolf to the list, its an arcade-type game where the levels have indoor and outdoor sections, indoors your character is a normal person equipped with a crossbow, however upon exiting and being outside the character becomes a werewolf and switches to melee style attacks, maybe its just me but this game is hard, very hard.

Sorry for the wall-o-text, that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

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Got Starbound, Skyrim, and have considered LoG. I'll check out Blood of the Werewolf. A friend of mine introduced me to the Avali race this evening. Anyone with Starbound should check it out. I'll give the others a look. Fur Fighters, Creature Conflicts, Feralheart Tonnes more on my head if I wasn't half asleep! FNAF is barely horror, just jump scares.

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I think that should honestly be it's own genre. I'll update it as people point games out to me, or really any other redditfurs mod. There's one coming out in the future called Beasts Fury, I backed it in Kickstarter a little while ago and it's coming along well!

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It's actually going very very badly at the moment from what I've heard. Things are not healthy in management. It's a 2D platformer that gets really difficult. Does SecondLife count? I've never really been able to play it with my crappy pc, but I know you can make your avatar look like a furry. Oh god hell no. Second Life is terrible. I have no idea how anyone can play it. Looking for good furry games for PC. I already have Dust and I like any genre but horror. So no FNAF. Sort by: best. Overgrowth is in alpha, but its heavy on anthros.

Yep, got that already. Excited to see how it progresses. Vengeful Ninetales. Gun Wielding Wolf. Continue this thread. Imaginary Friend.

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Inpossible Creatures is great but it's ferals. Also, Jazz Jackrabbit. It can't be classified as anything else. Sam and Max. Meh, Sam and Max never caught my eye. River Otter! Oh hell yeah. That's gonna be a big help. Silver Tiger. Hex, glowing fennec. More posts from the furry community. For all stuff fluff.

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Best furry games

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