Desire game walkthrough

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Click on the blackboard next to the shack. Open your inventory and use the pen on the egg to write the name of your loved one. Click on the door to open the shack. Click on the toolbox to receive Saw, Hammer and Nails. Go right towards the ship and click on the board to pick it up.

Open inventory and use Saw on Board. Open inventory and use hammer on 6 sticks. Open inventory and use egg on box. Walk right and approach the hole next to the sand castle. Use Box with egg on the hole. Once you regain control after desire game walkthrough dialogue with the old man, talk to him again and pick the following choices:. Right click anywhere to leave the conversation. Click the door on the right side to leave the apartment. Click on keys between the middle door and the painting to pick them up. Open inventory and combine New batteries with Walkman. Go back to living room. Now quickly, climb up the cupboard and grab the Kinky poster from the wall.

Talk to dad again and choose the same option so he leaves again. Quickly grab the camera on the right side. Speak to dad one more time and choose:. Go back to living room and out home. Approach the kiosk and interact with the newspaper pile on the floor. Speak to the Newsagent.

Go right, back to the crossroad. Go to school. After some dialogue, a bully will steal the Walkman from you. Speak to the bully David and exhaust all dialogue until you can choose:. Right click anywhere to exit the conversation. Open inventory and use Kinky poster on David. Follow him to the toilets.

Climb up the sink next to the bathroom where David is. Desire game walkthrough inventory and use the camera on David. Climb down and go back to playground. Head to the library upstairs. Speak to Sophia and choose:. Right click anywhere to end the conversation. Leave the library and go left, to the Chapel.

Enter the confessional and choose:. Leave the conversation by right clicking anywhere. Go out the chapel. Approach Nicolas the guy sitting in bench and choose:. Leave the conversation. Open inventory and use Tilt magazine on Nicolas.

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Go upstairs back to the library. Read the photo album from desk now that Sophia is gone. Go back to playground, and out the school. Go back home by clicking at the bottom of the screen. Enter home. Speak to Aunt Lucia and choose. Open inventory and use Key on Cupboard. Open the cupboard and pick up the Flask from inside. Open inventory and use Flask on the basin. Use camera on Enlarger on the right side. Pick the exposed photo from the same location.

Use the exposed photo on the full basin. Pick up the developed photo. Open inventory and give Manuscript to Bruno.

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Steal a disk from the workout bench. Leave the house and the building. Go to the Medical Clinic by clicking on the left side. Go right and try to use the elevator. Speak to the operator and choose:. Speak to Mum and choose:. Grab the mouse on the right side. Note: If the mouse hides, just wait until it shows up again. Leave the building. Click on the buttons next to the elevator to use it. Open your inventory and use the disk on the padlock. Open the locker and grab the Porn Tape from inside.

Leave the room and the building. Head to the library. Open your inventory and use the mouse on desk, to scare the supervisor away. Use photocopying card on printer. Use developed photo on printer. The chapter 1 was completed Walk left and speak to Sebastian. Exhaust all dialogue. Click on Elma twice to talk with her. Exhaust dialogue until you can choose:. Go to the back room. Open all 3 cupboards. Go back to dining room.

Speak to Homeless Person and exhaust all dialogue. Go back into the back room. Click on the Gloves next to door and leave the room. Speak the the homeless person twice and choose:. Open your inventory and use the glove on the knife. Use the knife on the homeless person and pick all choices. Pick up the hard drives on table, next to drinks dispenser. Leave to underground by clicking at the bottom right corner. A long monologue will start. Pick up the bottle of Desire game walkthrough from the table and the Funnel on top of kitchen drawers.

Open drawer and grab the Personal Notebook from inside.

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Use the door on the right side to meet the boss. Speak to Julian Foutriquet twice and choose:. When talking to Ruby, choose:. Click on the rightmost switch to lower the slave. Speak to Ruby and exhaust all dialogue until you can choose:. Speak to Ruby one more time and choose:.

Leave and go to Raspail. Talk to the Seller and choose:. Go left, pick the Broken Microphone and leave the restaurant. Pick the new microphone from the stand and replace it with the broken one from your inventory.

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Go inside. Open your inventory and use the new microphone on the stand. Leave the restaurant and go left. Speak to Dandy and exhaust all dialogue. Go back into the restaurant. Speak to the Waiter and choose:. Try to pick up the Empty Glass from the bottom left corner, just to notice that it moves. Speak to pubic louse again. Interact with the unlit candle to pick it up. Open your inventory and use the candle on the Clitoris. Do it three times. Do so. Open your inventory and put the empty glass on the puddle. Use the candle one more desire game walkthrough on the clitoris.

Pick up the full glass from the floor and use it on the Scissors. Pick up the scissors. Use the scissors on the pubic louse. Try go to in. Click on the pubic louse to kick it out. Pick up the Champagne glass on the right side.

Open your inventory and use the Champagne glass on Camille. Click on the leftmost door.

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Click on the flowerpot, twice. Go right, open your inventory and use the piece of metal on the Stone, next to the mailbox. Use the sharpened piece of metal on the mailbox.

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Desire: Walkthrough and Achievements Guide