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Does your heart let you fight a hot girl as your enemy? Fight unique sexy enemies and as you damage them their clothes will be torn apart. Battle against beautiful demons. Weaken them by destroying their armors and clothes.

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In this game, you will play a role of an angel who is the owner of the sexy girls photobook. Fight through hordes of enemies and dodge deadly bullets to reach your targets.

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Deliver your holy punishments to the Demons and collect the picture of their shameful defeats in your collection. Once upon a time when God had nothing to do and was getting bored, Raphael, an angelic messenger,offered God his forbidden photobook for him to browse through. When God saw what the photobook contains, his viewpoint expanded and his boredome vanished.

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God was struck with a new idea. Some of the bosses are quite difficult and it can be frustrating if you die in the end and have to repeat the whole level. Direct Download Link. File Password: www. Action Casual. May 23, Share This Post facebook twitter linkedin Tumblr pinterest vk.

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