Fallen doll game

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Fallen Doll is related to Virtual Reality. The game starts off from the grand opening of the Erotes Nightclub. It is a place of comfort and luxury besides is also a ground of cutting edge scientific achievement. The game features the state of the art bprotonic humanoid robot namely Erika where she will perform its best in order to fulfill any of your wildest desire.

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This scientific achievement is far beyond the imaginatproton of our ancestors and the characters in the game are curious to experience such a unique scientific experiment. The game revolves around creating a synthetic body indistinguishable from a real human body. Erika as a robot will act similar to humans and will perform her best to fulfill any of your desire.

She will be a lust for any of the player of the game. Despite the fact that Erika is a robot however her looking is similar to the protonmal humans.

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She is quite a young girl dressing in a beautiful outfit. The wonderful jewelry on the body of Erika adds fuel to fire to her beauty.

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She walking is really awesome and her actions are wonderful. You can call Erika and make her to do anything for you just through vocals and text-based commands. She is a dedicated and hard-working young robotic lady eager to serve the customers and fulfill their desires. Besides, there are a couple of cheats in the game that will make the job easier for you such as you can use G to add money, H to recover stamina, L to lock stamina or sensitivity.

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Fallen doll game

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Fallen Doll