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. Kindle Edition. Next. Books By D. Meet your new Mistress When Peter starts his brand new job at Cartwright Inc, he gets WAY more than he bargained for - in the shape of his new boss, the beautiful and strict Miss Cartwright.

He was only ever supposed to be her Personal Assistant, but before long Peter finds himself fully feminized and sissified, ready to fulfil all his cruel mistress's demands Josh becomes Jenny Josh just wants to stay in his room playing video games all summer, but his mom has other ideas. She's found him a job - working for a new neighbor. Soon Josh finds himself auditioning for the role of House Girl, a job with a few rather unusual duties. And before he knows it, this totally straight guy is transformed into a slutty sissy maid where he explores a whole new world of feminization fun Does Andrew have what it takes to become Andreathe office sissy?

Andrew's money is running out and if he doesn't find a job soon, he'll have to return home to his small town and his overprotective mother. But his luck seems to change when he's offered a trial shift at a mysterious company, headed by the strict Miss Cartwright. And soon Andrew finds himself way outside of his comfort zone, as his feminization flash game new boss feminizes and sissifies him for her own devious delight Eight Tales of First Time Feminization Savage's latest stories in one exclusive collection!

This deluxe anthology is over 77, words long and focusses on the sensual and erotic worlds of sissification, feminization, crossdressing, and first time curiosity.

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Ethan becomes Allie in a full-length feminization adventure When Heather Michaels, hottest senior in college, asks nerdy freshman Ethan to audition for a competition called Girl Games he's powerless to resist. And soon this scrawny straight boy finds himself transformed into sexy, slutty Allie by his brand new BFF. But that's not all! Because a chance encounter with a handsome stranger at a party turns the heat way up Savage's brand new novella will take you on a feminization thrill ride that you'll never forget! So what are you waiting for?

Get ready to play some Girl Games Sometimes saying yes is all it takes Tony is trying to recover from a bad break up - moving to a new apartment, in a new city, and trying to start a whole new life. And one night he decides to say yes to whatever happens. But feminization flash game his path crosses with a stunning woman called Adrienne, that's when things take a totally unexpected turn.

Before he feminization flash game it, Tony's 'say yes' philosophy lands him in a wig and lingerie, about to have the night of his life Roomies: First Time Feminization 7 Mar, Summer's come early this year Joel's struggling to pay rent. But when he decides to sublet his apartment, little does he know that his whole LIFE is about to change. Because when his sexy new roomie Summer arrives, he quickly discovers that she's making bank as a high class escort - and suggesting that he get in on the act too!

Soon Joel finds himself dressed in a skimpy slutty outfitabout to turn his very first trick Blackmailed at Work Michael's new job seems too good to be true. He has an awesome boss, he can wear his own clothes - and best of all he's been given a brand new laptop. But after some late night browsing, Michael receives an anonymous message. Someone saw him abusing his privileges and if he doesn't do exactly as they say, he's in deep trouble.

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Soon Michael finds his himself plunged into a world of forced feminization Makeover: First Time Feminization 5 Oct, Steve's about to get a makeover When Steve is caught in class wearing nail polish, it catches the attention of Jenny Matthews - his secret crush. And when she invites him to her house to show him a few makeup feminization flash game, he can't say no. But things end up going much, much further, and soon this everyday guy finds himself dressed in skintight leggings and skimpy lingerie as he become the star of a full girly makeover! And once he's looking pretty, that's when the two girls decide to fool around Time for a game of Truth or Dare When Keith agrees to go camping with his buddies, he isn't expecting much.

But when the gang decide to play a game of Truth or Dare that's when things really heat up, as he's dared to switch clothes with a girl! Soon this everyday boy finds himself dolled up in a pretty dress and skimpy, sexy underwear. And that's just the start, as the girls decide to push Keith to his limits Adam becomes Amy in a slutty sissy adventure straight college boy Adam as he becomes one of the feminized contestants on the TV show Sissy Star! This all-American boy is about to learn some long, hard lessons about lingerie, chastity and sissification.

And as the challenges begin to heat up, Adam wonders just how far he can go Savage's brand new novella will take you on a deliciously dirty ride that will leave you feminization flash game transformed! Other Formats: Paperback. Hayden's about to make a delicious discovery When college boy Hayden arrives at his aunt's house to spend the summer vacation, he expects to be bored out of his mind.

But only a few days into his trip, Hayden discovers a mysterious box full of skimpy lingerie and tight dresses. And before he even knows what's happening, this everyday guy finds himself tumbling headlong into a brand new world of feminization fun Back to top. Get to Know Us. Connect with Us. Make Money with Us. Let Us Help You. Audible Download Audio Books. DPReview Digital Photography. Shopbop Deer Fashion Brands.

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Feminization flash game

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