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Welcome to the very first installment of U Serious, Bra? Claire : Well. I remember the moment that I realised my forecasted eventual boob-ownership made me preemptively responsible for the rudeness of my upper torso, and I think I was four and a half? It gives me a hard time, the way Games boob Talks About Boobs save the boobies! Breasts are treated as inventory gaming! Wendy : I quite like boobs and am particularly fond of great artistic displays of side boob. My own breasts are fairly small and, while I wished they were bigger when I was young, I took comfort in the games boob that they would never be affected by gravity.

Turns out I was wrong about that. Turns out, a lot of the things I believed about boobs as presented to me by the media was misleading in so many ways. Breastfeeding my own children has increased my awareness of breast fetishizationwhile the continued social media attraction to the breasts as opposed to the actual women and men that might fall victim to cancer continues to disgust me.

With this in mind, we can turn our attention to the cleavage that inspired our train of thought, and the woman it belongs to: year-old model Kate Upton, who currently plays Athena in advertisements for the mobile strategy app, Game of War: Fire Age. Prior to this ad campaign, Upton has gone on record expressing her discomfort with objectification following the reception of her Sports Illustrated covers:. I am a grown woman, and you need to figure your s— out. Claire : I want to show friendship to Kate Upton whilst questioning the direction and costuming of her Game of War adverts.

Unfortunately, it is also as misguided, and attempts to launch her cleavage into the sun.

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Leave those kids alone! It was incongruous. I think I may have laughed out loud, what with being all het up from Mad Max pre-show adrenaline. And I also wondered: what is a pop-up ad doing on a cinema screen, with dialogue, and an entertainment professional games boob I vaguely sort of recognise? This is breast-based advertising, and yet everything about it seems to be working against success in that forum. The games boob of her various bodices is baffling. Casting her and clothing her in a less aggressive rig would still be associating your crappy build-a-civ app with sensual womanhood.

Still crass, still unpleasant, still sexist—but not so stupid as to be laughable. Not patronising! Wendy : The commercials have become a regular part of our viewing schedule since they often play during our favourite television shows. I wanted to believe that her presence served some purpose beyond being a beautiful woman seductively inviting gamers to play with her. Now, I just roll my eyes every time I see her boobs bouncing and floating across my screen or invading my Twitter feed. For example, actress Megan Fox, a known gamer, appears in a Call of Duty commercial as an active—and fully dressed yet still sexy—participant.

But who was I kidding?

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Unfortunately, Upton does not play the game herself and despite what she might believe—. She appears from time to time in the early levels to guide you and encourage you to fork up your cash for perks. Your Money. Wendy : Game of War: Fire Age currently sits in the top three in app sales and has more or less maintained a high rank since its introduction inholding court alongside Candy Crusha puzzle game, and Clash of Clansanother strategy war game.

Or, you can amass more power and wealth by spending your own real dollars. Thanks to those boobs, Game of War: Fire Age now boasts over two million players and rakes in approximately one million dollars a day in microtransactions. In a Gamespot articleMachine Zone, Inc reported:. Microtransactions are the bread and butter of games boob mobile apps, and clearly Machine Zone, Inc. The game itself is not particularly good.

Both of these games also have mainstream advertising campaigns, but neither of them have resorted to breast-based promotion. The games boob rate for players is ridiculously high, and Machine Zone needs a constant stream of new players to replace those who fall away or get frustrated and leave. Is it really that strange, Andrew? Is it?

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Is this really the reputation we as gamers of any gender want our industry forever reduced to? Whether through genuine enjoyment or ironic clicks, these Upton adverts are providing enough monetised, rollover interest in a basic, minor, generic game that it can sustain a place in million dollar economies.

If this is gaming, then gaming is being bad to humanity. If gamers are people—studies suggest that many are—then humanity is doing itself a disservice. Game of Boobs: Boob Age Opinion.

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Games boob

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