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Are you irritated that you can't play the winning blow?

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Yeah, so Carlsen's a sissy Aronian's a sissy Anand's a sissy Chess must be a bewildering prospect for any new alpha males coming into chess. On these forums they will be learning that castling is for sissies and now sissies re early. They may be pondering wether shaking hands, playing against women or actually touching the queen aren't also of "sissiness".

By the same token lifestyle "sissies" will be googling for a dominatrix and inadvertently learning some useful chess tips! This may make it all worth it, then--both for spreading knowledge of chess and for how interesting the off-topic forum is about to become!

On the other point, I'm going to assume then that if anyone's play dramatically decreases mid-game, they are on an alpha quest and I will wish them luck. Are you a sissy Lola? So - sometimes I can't win You have been a member for 5 weeks, and didnt notice the other ,,posts on this same subject? Name calling shows weakness of character. So many weaklings on this site.

Before you call anyone ,'sissy' have a look in the mirror. Games for sissies always looked upon reing as similar to a boxer "throwing in the towel" after being terribly beat up.

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True, the losing boxer could throw a "lucky punch" and win and the winning Chessplayer could walk into a freaky mate or hang his Queen, too and go on to defeat. I guess the only harm in not reing a Chess game is seeing and hearing people, albeit rude ones, laughing at the guy playing on to checkmate. The better one gets, the more you know when to re. Sometimes you have to learn how to walk away. Within the game of Chess itself, this is well-represented by the transition from romantic style to the hypermodern style.

First, games were extremely aggressive, with neither side backing down from attacks, and not caring about king safety. While these games are entertaining to watch, they give a special disadvantage for Black and don't show true intrincacy of this game.

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It was only when people realized they could decline pawn exchanges and sacrifices they realized Black could fight back — and my, what a fight it is! It's also a very delicate, intricate fight. A fight in which you have to know when to walk away, and when to fight back.

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And this is important because real life is like that, too. Forums General Chess Discussion. May 16, 1. I don't win all the time, but I don't quit the game even if I know I'm going to loose. Is chess only about winning all the time? Isn't there anything you can learn after losing?? It's really irritating May 16, 2. May 16, 3. May 16, 4. There's just no pleasing people. May 16, 5. May 16, 6. May 16, 7.

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I think that the "no surrender" guys should start a group and play only among themselves. May 16, 8. May 16, 9.

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Is that sooo wrong? NM Reb. May 16, You be the judge of that. Also, don't forget that opening the game with e4, d4, c4 or Nf3 is for sissies too. Just realised all titled players are sissies. Log In or. Forums Hot Topics. Most Recent. RIP BabyNepomniachtchi Srithan3 7 min ago. IMBacon 12 min ago. How do you see the of views for thre posted to the forums? PolarChess 14 min ago. Just started watching world cup this year, didn't realize there was a separate women's world cup btickler 17 min ago. Shortest-proof-game challenge nl1 18 min ago. What are your opinions on this opening? TonyL 19 min ago.

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Games for sissies

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