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Lesbian desire looks like a lot of things. It can be holding hands, saving the world together, vigorously making out at a cyberpunk bar, or sharing a tender kiss on a Greek shore.

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This is great to see. Visible lesbianism challenges the stigma around women-loving-women stories. Even among RPGs praised for their queer romance routes, like Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisitionlesbian love and eroticism is always optional, let alone devoid of its real-world context.

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But the AAA gaming world has a bigger problem on its hands than watered-down lesbian make out sessions: few blockbuster titles with wlw relationships have explicit trans lesbian representation. Most treat cisness as the default character option until proven otherwise, doubly so in games that show lesbian sex scenes with nary a girldick in sight. Where are the trans women who desire other women, and where are the cis and trans girls that adore trans girls?

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When society assumes cisness is the default, this shines through in our media. And when trans women are nowhere to be found in sapphic love and sex, we end up feeling left out.

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But she does believe the indie gaming world is much more receptive to realistic queer sex and romance than the AAA industry. Indie games are embracing trans lesbianism in realistic ways too.

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Heart of the Woods avoids giving its transgender lesbian character an explicit sex scene, but it does depict her as a queer woman who connects with other queer women both platonically and sexually. Both of these games have left a huge impact on cis and trans lesbians alike for their realistic takes on queerness. Ana Valens 2 years ago 3 min read. RPGs are increasingly flirting with lesbian romance options, but few games are willing to show sapphic relationships in all their shapes and forms.

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Hot lesbian game

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