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Leap of Faith - Chapter 5, is now Live! Due to my file limit, I can't the Chapter in one file. You can use my Patreon to download everything in one file. If you want to download here on Itch. Then download the second file 0. Overwrite when asked. Leap of Faith - Chapter Having spent 2 years wondering why your girlfriend left your seemingly perfect relationship out of the blue, you finally decide to move forward. And while you're opening your eyes to the world, it seems to be opening it's eyes to you as well.

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Before long you've connected with 6 different girls, all with their own stories to tell. From that girl you save from a horrible fate, to the superstar pop singer - even the returning ex. This is the story about your journey together. Which, through choices and opportunities, will lead you down a path you never could have imagined. The first five Chapters of Leap of Faith consists of almost 7, static renders and In addition to the normal VN choice menus, you will have to interract with your phone as a tool to explore opportunities, or even discover them.

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Leap of Faith does not intend to offer you every experience in it by advancing through dialogue alone. Feel free to drop by my Patreon or Discord for more information, or YouTube for sneak peeks and release dates. View all posts. Log in with itch. The one thing that keeps bugging me is Steph's age and her relationship with the MC. If the game takes place after 2 years Steph leaves the MC without contact, and right now she's 26, how old was she when she moved to the school?

The main character is 24 if I'm not mistaken and Chris said they all know each other for almost a decade. Did she have a romantic relationship with a minor when she was an adult? Steph ed up with them much later on, about a year after the events of his 17th birthday. Thanks for replying. So the thing she did for her work was indeed dating a minor? Hahaha, damn dude by all means.

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I'm not here to judge or anything. I'm just here to enjoy the story, especially with Cece, Kira and Lexi. Let me first ask this, because I have played through this vn until the end of chapter 5. I saved Cece's life. We fell in love and then i sent her back to the mc's residence and he told her to wait for him there etc. Is it possible to fall in love and date any of the other women? What about getting back with stephanie? He Tells chris he will always love her and they had sex just after the metro, mc tells stephanie he loves her after she drags him back to her place and he ends up jumping out the window.

I was hoping to go through a playthrough with both of them being back together again, but no matter what i do, it always ends the same way near the end with cece telling me to go and speak to stephanie. I really dont wanna waste time trying to fall in love and be with the other girls if leap of faith games impossible. I would really like the choice who i fall in love with, not be cajoled into being forced with cece no matter how beautiful she is, inside and out. If it is, then why dangle carrots on a string that are not obtainable, it just makes the game 1 time playable, with no replay value at all if thats really the case.

I am just trying to leap of faith games out if the above is possible? I already have the save on cece for when the next chapter comes out. You can select one of the other girls at the beginning of chapter 4 if you want to see their routes for this game. There is a total of 58 variation endings planned. Steph is also a Love Interest if you play it right. I ended up with her on one of my playthroughs.

Cece is my favorite, but I also like the story with Linda and Steph. Is there a walkthrough do you know for this game, I think I would find it kind of tedious to repeatedly go through the same actions again and accidentally make silly choice mistakes only to end up back with Cece again. I do adore Cece, she is so adorable! I mean she might not exactly be the prettiest girl there, I do quite like Holly a lot too. Do you know if Holly is actually datable too? I have a few more AVN's to go through, but I would like to replay this one again, and without a walkthrough, I hope I don't end up with the same conclusion hehe.

I know someone already asked it bellow but no one answered so I am asking it again. Chapter 5. I think the most important choice is when you first meet Holly. Picking "I'm conflicted" should be the first step in opening something with her. And doesn't hurt with Lexi. I think you can also get bonus points with Holly if you have a good "flirty" score, so try to favor those options if you can. Not sure if it's necessary though. Otherwise, take conversation options and get a good look at her when she's smoking on the balcony. I think that should be enough.

Sorry but I still can't select that option. Has anyone actually been able to go for that option? I can't find anything about this over the web The only thing needed to open up the Holly option on the yacht is to move around the "Holly-roam" screen with her until you see no more dialogues pop up as you move around. There is a total of 9 screens with 0 to 3 dialogues each, depending on your choices.

If you want to aim for the Holly ending not a real ending, but a lightweight oneyou will have to check Holly's contact info on your phone after the yacht and the "love meter" has to be completely full by then. Yes there is, although those aren't main focus of this vn. I strongly recommend to give this one a try, it's one of the best ones I've played. I just hope he doesnt do anything bad to the mc or any of the girls, especially cece, seems i have invested some real life emotions in to this game its that good. The guy "stalking" MC is actually from Homeland protecting him.

If you don't bring Steph to Lexi's place, she's there instead of the creepy guy. Hey I leap of faith games want to let you know that I really love your game I just have a question how can I complete the task for Chris in terms of match-making as it always shows opportunitiy missed either Linda or Holly.

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Am I missing something? I'm trying to hook him to Holly but I don't see anything really even tried when doing both Lexi and Holly scene but then after that, I see the task failed which I think I made the wrong decision. This is a bug. The task in the task app on the phone will always leap of faith games as 'failed' because the deadline passed. As long as the task doesn't have a red background, or you get a popup message somewhere saying it failed, you're safe.

When chapter 6 is out, this will correct itself on the very first screen, so you don't need to do, or replay anything, to fix it. And if it's going to be finished are you planning to this to steam? As I'm definitely going to buy it. I will definitely be supporting you on your Patreon so even if you finish this project I will leap of faith games looking forward to your new game.

I don't know why you don't have much attention yet, or supporters, but just keep doing your best and your game is one of the best AVN out there. Probably because you didn't read the instructions and only downloaded Chapter 5 without installing Chapters first. Does anybody have the download link to Chapters for Mac. I can't figure out how to install Chapter 5 on its own but still keep my progress from the chapters if that makes sense. Drop by my patreon at www.

Welp, I got too excited when 5 came out, and didn't read what you wrote about the files being too big to download together. Now I know how I screwed myself over and wrecked hours of gameplay I had, leading to me needing to restart from scratch for a few of the paths. Well hey, on the bright side, at least this shows how damn good Drifty is at this stuff! I just want to say what an excellent game this is. I was very moved by the ending of Chapter 5, it made me reflect on a lot of things I've been through somehow and how I should treasure those around me.

I want to congratulate you on how well you've created this game and how detailed and moving it is. The graphics were amazing and the story line is so good I went back so many times to try and get every single girl happy because I hate leaving anyone out. Cece - I must say this character I can definitely resonate with, going through times of hardship and having the thought of ending it all was my thought process at times.

I like how she's able to eventually find that person who will be there for her no matter what. Lexi - I know there is more underneath the popstar and all, but she is an amazing character, and she made such an amazing addition to the story. I wish the bonus scenes would be more evident as it was hard for me to find the robin and cheer up cece scenes without looking to the comments.

In the end, such an amazing game that almost made me cry due to the of things happening between all the characters, it tugged on my heart strings so much and I hope to see the next chapter real soon cause I hate seeing anyone sad. When is the next chapter being released? If you know. I hope this helps and encourages you to keep doing what you've been doing. You're an amazing game creator DriftyGames. I thoroughly agree that the characters in this are fantastic and really tug on your heart.

I think I can help with a few of your questions:. Party started: After you sit down again, just before you go to sleep, check the music section of your phone. Cigarettes for Holly : In the screen with the newsstand guy, there is exactly one conversation step where you can click on the cigarette section. Keep your mouse over it and it will light up. And just to save you a follow-up question: You initially get her the wrong brand, but if your conversation with the seller asks him "Did you try? Autograph to Cece : So far as I know it only happens offscreen. If you don't ask Lexi and do bring it up in the Limo, it will lead to an outcome that you can view from the menu in a bonus screen.

How do you get music on the phone? When I pull up the phone it says to connect to external speakers, but then says I have no music.

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