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First let me start with a very unfair fact! Woman normally need twenty minutes of focused clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. The average guy needs two to five minutes of stimulation to the head of the penis via thrusting in intercourse or manual masturbation. Worried about your size? Women report that what a man does with his hands, tongue, fingers, and toys matters more than his size.

Cunnilingus is the perfect sex activity because you can bring her to orgasm no matter what your size or the quality of your erection. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen! Lie on your back and make her cum games her straddle your face. You are her human vibrator and she can use you however she pleases.

You just need to lie on bring your magical tongue out of your mouth and let her do we she wants to start this amazing oral sex game. You wake up and see your girl is entirely naked and rubbing up against you. You slide your fingers in her vagina as you lick and suck her clitoris. And you are only there to give her pleasure. Every woman likes to be treated like royalty on occasion. In this oral game, she is your queen, but not those cold and distant queens we know, she is bitchy one. In fact, your majesty is kinky. She wants to be worshiped so sit her on a glorious throne and give her the royal treatment, by playing this glorious oral sex game.

Offer her what you can do and will likely accept the offerings of your kingdom. A man who can build a roaring fire for a woman is sexy. The fire touches something primal inside us. Many women find it sexy to make love next to the fire. What is better than going for the hot oral sex game. You make sure she has a clear view of her man at work. Start lighting those fires. Hot tubs are sexy. In this oral game the water is foreplay—take a breath. Champagne in one hand, your girl in the other, both of you enjoying the hot tub.

If she hates waking up in the morning, give her a wake-up call that will send her off to conquer the world. The next time she has an early meeting, try this mind-blowing sex game by becoming her human alarm clock. Today she has to make a big presentation, and she has been anxious about it for days. You help her relax and start the day right by giving her an orgasm. As the tension releases from her body, you tell her she is beautiful competent businesswoman, too, of course. But I think now you are one step closer to know how to drive her wild thanks to all those amazing oral sex games you've learned.

Home Contacts Blog. Archives May April Order This De on 'Print on Demand'. Table of Contents. Ride On My Face. The Preparation. Practice and learn how to send vibration to your lips by making a humming sound. Put your lips to your wrist and practice, because the skin on your wrist is thin and sensitive.

The Scenario. The Techniques for this oral sex game. Hold her butt loosely in your hands. Put your tongue out in front of your teeth and flatten it so she can wiggle and move her vulva over your tongue as she pleases. Refrain from moving. Just let it be and watch; you will be amazed. Grab her breasts and play with them by creating a rhythm of squeezing them-in sync with her spinning movements. If she is fine with it, you can hold her hips still as you put your tongue make her cum games her pussy and twirl it around her vagina-clockwise, then counterclockwise.

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Do the hummer move by placing your lips around her clit and vibrate them. Keep humming until she reaches orgasm. She Is My Queen. Picture this on your mind. You want to give her oral sex as she sits on a throne. It gives you an unforgettable view of her, I bet you have never explored before. Put two fingers on her clit in a V shape, and all you need to is tapping the tip of her clitoris with the tip of your tongue. Create the throne with a chair and some pillows on it. Place the chair near the fire place or window. Put some pillow under you knees. As you bring your mouth to her, use two lubed fingers to form a V around the sides of her clit.

Slide your tongue over the tip of her clitoris a few times. Insert two fingers into her vagina as you lick her clitoris. Suck her clit and stroke her G-spot with your fingers. Tap the tip of her clitoris again a few times. Make her cum games her clit gently putting your lips around it, and move your head back and forth. Swirl your tongue around her clitoris, alternating fast and slow. Switch directions. No fireplace? Rent a weekend getaway cabin with a fireplace. Practice your fire building skills. If you have a flannel shirt, wear it. It helps set the mood. Lie down on your belly between her legs.

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Kiss and stroke her whole body as you remove her pants or skirt. Lift her legs above her head. Lick her labia and perineum with swift, broad strokes of your tongue. Slap her ass lightly a few times, sending a nice vibration to the clitoris and surrounding area. Bring her legs back down.

Flutter your tongue across her clitoris. Now, nibble her clitoris the same way you did her labia. Insert a dildo into her vagina and apply slight, slow pressure to the left and right of her cervix, a move often called The Frisbee. Massage these regions with gentle but firm pressure. Continue massaging as you suck her clitoris. You need to practice holding your breath under water. Breathing slowly out your nose and do not panic is the key. As you practice, your lungs expand their capacity to take in more air, giving you more time under water for when you go down. Take a moment to connect with your lover using kissing and stroking.

Make eye contact. This will help her to feel like she is engaged with you and not giving you a show of her masturbating with the jets. Have her sit on the jets and hold onto the side. You will hear a moan when she finds it. For a gradual progression, make her cum games her labia over her clitoris and allow the jets to offer indirect stimulation.

After some time, move them away and open her up so that the water hits her clitoris. She needs to turn around to face you, with her back to the jets. Thrust your tongue and move in and out, in time with the water jet stroking her back. Come up for air. Using a silicone lube, goo up your finger, a G-spot stimulator, or a dildo, and insert it. Hold your tongue in and gently push it forward toward her belly.

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Take a deep breath and go down again. Replace the dildo with your tongue. Repeat it by alternating the tongue thrusting and licking her labia and perineum. Now, lift her out of the tub and sit her on the edge.

Kneel before her and bring her to orgasm using a combination of licking, sucking, and swirling the tip of your tongue around the tip of her clit. Set your cell phone to wake you. Pay attention to the tongue moves that bring her to orgasm fast. This is a quickie. While she is still sleeping, slide your body down hers. Try to get your head in the right place without waking her.

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She sleeps on her back? If she is on her side, move the top leg gently to create an opening. If she is wearing pajamas or panties, slip them aside and slide your tongue between her labia lips, gently opening her up. Run your hand up and down the small of her back to bring her energy down to her pelvis. Feather your tongue softly over the head of her clitoris, going back and forth, to and fro. It takes effort and concentration to touch this lightly. Continue those feather strokes. Flutter the wings diagonally left then right. Do this pattern for some time. Observe her and be in her flow.

When she is breathing heavily, she is almost there. Go back to the head and give a few jabs with your tongue! Paris April 24, The Kinky Masseuse Fantasy Role-play.

Make her cum games

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