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Thread starter Aldarion Start date Dec 24, Aldarion New Member. Oct 15, 5 4. Can you recommend some good games with focus on Ntr or Netorare. Reactions: Mrdeadbird and Salmacius. Deleted member 64 Guest Guest.

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Reactions: nagusama and Darth Xelleon. Feb 19, 1, 1, Reactions: hsehsingwuuuut and Rowntreee. Mar 25, 94 You must be registered to see the links.

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Reactions: Rowntreee and Rastafoo. AtotehZ Well-Known Member. Aug 24, 1, Lemon Mint said:. Reactions: Flagrant Panda and Rowntreee. Rastafoo Active Member. Jun 6, 1, Netorare game said:. Reactions: holychick3nnaraku24Wisp00 and 27 others. Throwaway Active Member. Mar 7, Rastafoo said:. Reactions: Salmacius and Rastafoo. Jul 21, 72 Salmacius Newbie. May 4, 17 I've been active on the site a little longer now and have my own recommendations here: The Tyrant - In my opinion the best NTR game on the site.

The Rural Homecoming - Husband and wife loses job and home, moves in with lecherous father of husband. Alansya Chronicles - Pure housewife in a foreign country. Multiple paths, some are NTR. Reactions: holychick3npotspipe and jpower. NotSure Newbie.

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Jul 5, 15 8. Leanna's Slice of Life - Fantasy setting, hubby gets into debt so the wife has to whore herself out to pay for it. Lots of routes, multiple endings. Reactions: jpower and AtotehZ. HManual New Member.

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Jan 22, 9 2. Recommend My Inn Wife, short but good. Reactions: chitoge HManual said:. In You must be registered to see the links. Serreos Newbie. May 28, 48 Reactions: stenli98 and meola Feb 19, Bawdy traditions - i thinkits netorare game best in ntr or cuck game. Reactions: HeavenlyWrath and Ligal.

Mydoodz New Member. Mar 18, 2 4. Girlfriend tapes my favourite by far. Realistic dialogue and story with the exception of the MC being fairly oblivious. Choices u take feel more impactful than other similar games I tried. The only real weakness in my opinion is the art, but only if ur no a fan of the style. Reactions: madhatter Swingers where MC isn't entirely up to the task, but wifey is. Josh New Member. Jul 4, 1 0. Josh said:. Any english translation for Obedient Childhood Friend? Cause in the site the link don't work anymore. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Netorare game

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