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Views: K. In the visual novel Parental Love, you are addicted to cocaine. Your drug addiction has led you to lose your family.

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Your goal here is to get back with your wife Emily so that you can build amends with your daughters. You love your family, but your cocaine addiction ruined everything. Do everything in your power to stay sober and to make sure that your wife and daughters know how much you care about them. Admin - Jul 19, Coomer21 - Jul 11, Tallas - Jul 11, Goldana - Jul 09, Ganjaganja - Jul 06, Shdu - Jun 23, Moreno - Jun 20, Depraved Awakening - In this 3d visual novel, you play the role of a private detective in Free City. You are investigating the case of what many believe is suicide.

You will h Foot of the Mountains game - You've just found out that your parents have been murdered. Your name is Daniel, and William is a long time business partner of your father.

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The t Away From Home - What happens wives are left all alone when their husbands leave? It means that you have all kinds of Milf pussy waiting for you to pound it silly. Eva, Nora, In The Case Files of Dr. Morecock Bones game, you're a psychologist named Moreock Bones. You have an assistant named Mona Lott, who helps you a lot. You and Mona specialize in Parental Love Views: K. If error while loading, please.

Rating: 5 Votes: Rate this game:. Admin - Jul 19, Some games use the cookies of your browser for saving your progress. And it can be not saved if the incognito mode parental love game walkthrough on, or different devices or browsers are used, or even after the game update. If you Export or Import saves, please use the Google Chrome browser. Coomer21 - Jul 11, One of the top ones on this site. Goldana - Jul 09, mostly its a great game but I never wanted MC to include her in my romance with elly but you just cant deny anything.

It just gets more out of control every passing minute. I really would have liked a option to get rid off jenna or her advances Game already ended. Shdu - Jun 23, Never Moreno - Jun 20, like this games got good scenes and all but likeee Show more Similar Games. Depraved Awakening K. Foot Of the Mountains 79K. Away From Home - [Ep13] K. The Case Files of Dr. Morecock Bones 35K.

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