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Hints and Tips for: Raptor - Call of the Shadows. Raptor - Call of the Shadows Cheats. Y - Move to other areas. Listen carefully during the intro. Or: On the bottom of the screen where you select your missions is a toggle and 3 pushbuttons. Press the toggle a few times, the push button 1 and 3. This adds extra characters. Ever seen laser-cows? Some versions Skip level any time: Submitted by: Ali Baba. Fight animals: Set the system date to March 12th, May 16th, Shadows game cheats 28th, or October 2nd to fight cows, monkeys and other animals. Alternatively, turn on all the switches at the bottom of the episode selecttion screen and darken the button.

A sound will confirm correct code entry. When you have enough, sell the excess for quick cash. Trick to make easy money: Submitted by: Arsalan Ali : arsalanalipk hotmail. Collect it and Press Escape Key. Now Exit the mission. You can sell that to collect money. Note: This trick will not work if you already have 5 or more mega bombs or shadows game cheats.

Birthday Mode: To battle cows, monkeys and other critters, set your system date to match the programmers' birthdays: March 12 Bobby Prince May 16 Scott Host August 28 Rich Fleider October 2 Jim Molinets Alternatively, turn on all the switches at the bottom of the Episode Select screen and darken the button. A sound will confirm this code. Episode screen easter egg: If you fiddle with the buttons in the episode screen, coconut-throwing gorillas will appear.

More than 5 Phase Shields. You can only buy up to 5 Phase Shields at a time, but during a level, you might find a Phase Shield after destroying a Weapons Shed or Weapon Carrier, if you obtain it then you can have 6 or more Phase Shields, which is a very good bonus in later levels. Infinite money Fly to a level that has an item fairly near the beginning I used Bravo sector, wave six.

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It has those high-priced dumbfire missles. Get the item, and hit escape. Abort the mission. All money you made in that particular mission will be lost, but you will still have the missles. Repeat this as many times as you like. Note: this doesn't work with items that give you lots of money in-game. All money from those will be lost when you abort. Submit your codes!

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