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That should allow you to load it.

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Fixed an issue where variable flags broke save files. If you have this issue, open the save file and put a new line between the day and the flag at the bottom. So there are a few big changes in this update. The most obvious one is that I added a couple images that were commissioned specifically for the game. The other change that I need to talk about is a couple major gameplay changes.

Before, it was pretty trivial to learn nearly every skill by level Now some skills need attributes at 30, making specializing more important.

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That scene was pretty long to have a follow-up Challenges can no longer be targeted against the person who found it Reduced the probability of gaining an attribute point from daytime scenes Moved around some GUI elements Money in GUI now refreshes each time something is purchased Characters will now gain a feat each level until they have one for every 4 levels.

It will trigger when using Fuck Added the second skill based image to the game. New update is ready-ish.

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Other than the new scenes, the biggest changes are the additions of stylized text and the new feats system. I had planned for this next update to be a small collection of fixes and some scenes, but I ended up doing the thing I always seem to do. Hopefully my writing will get a little faster the more I do. As always, if you are interested in writing something for the game, I welcome it. This version fixes many of the issues discovered in the last update.

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I fixed a bunch of typos, some gameplay bugs, some cosmetic bugs and at least one crash. Make sure to pick this one up. This silverbard games contains a lot of stuff, hence the name, but I want to point out a couple in particular. Thanks B. Chen for the character portraits and thanks Legion for the new magic training scenes. One last note: The addition of the clothing change system has resulted in restructuring the save files again. Hello everyone, You can expect a substantial update pretty soon.

The last time I released a really huge update, it was mostly broken, but this is a new year and it will hopefully go smoother. No hand outs. New Science! Loading Comments Name Website.

Silverbard games

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