Totally immersed game

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Thrust into a virtual totally immersed game of fantasy and magic, Alex is more confused by one other change - he's now a woman! Now getting to be a bit longer, this new update adds on probably double the length of the 0. Also, redid a few of the renders from the first town! Transported into a fantasy world by the wonders of Virtual Reality, you find yourself in a body that is not your own, with no way to escape Compared to his other works, and especially compared to "Total Immersion" the adult story written by him which is what this game is loosely based onthis is pretty tame to say the least.

It's all good, but if you're looking for the MC to go "down the rabbit hole" and spiral into increasingly degenerate TF's and alterations, you're probably going to be disappointed. Actually, if you're looking for TF at all, you're probably going to be disappointed. It happens within the first few minutes of the game, and barring mental changes totally immersed game don't really count as TF's on their ownthere's nothing else in terms of TFs. Don't get me wrong, writing's good, having images for every sex scene is good, and compared to other stuff on this site it's decent enough, but compared to some of Joe's other stuff on here, and his writings elsewhere, it doesn't quite hit the same notes.

Still looking forward to the sequels and stuff though, seems like it's just right for what I expected from this game. This is pretty good. For me it has the right level of ambition. Use the RPG maker for some short storylines and a little bit of combat. Add sexy stuff with images to keep the players happy. Nothing is overly complicated. Chapter 2 is completed.

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I don't think JoeForest has any plans to finish chapter 3. He has worked on it a lot but have moved onto other things. In Chapter 1, I guess if he wanted to he could add content to the bar there as it has been hinted at in the past. JoeForest is it possible the MC could show up as a cameo in another of your games or maybe another's game.

That seems to be the trend elsewhere, where there are cross over of MC into other peoples games. This is a great game. I played through all of it though it seems if one wants one can not do the last quest in town until one accumulates a lot of money at the bar. That is no fun as the scene doesn't change. I finished the totally immersed game though I did miss one quest. I may go back and do it.

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Since the Glammer can come off and put back on can Alex have that as an item? The latest up date solved many issues with the 0. But the pub is still broken after the 2nd time in it. As soon as one step on the basement floor Alex is serving food to the 3 guys and not going to the barmaid to meet the special client.

When you level to 8th the text in the window says you get dual shot but doesn't show up in skills is double shot a skill? When you go to the special special person in the pub you get the table of people from yesterday.

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Adding my encouragement to continue with this game. Trapped in the hold of a ship can be so boring. Please open up more of the universe I would love to continue the story. Home Community Forum Chat. Quick Search:. Game Information. Rend SFX. Discuss this Game. Support this Game.

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Version: 0. Synopsis Plot Hello there, and welcome to Total Immersion! Current Version: 0. Completely new primary location, the small town of Brushford Newly written introduction, going into a lot more detail Many new jobs and quests A butt-load of new renders! Latest Reviews - View All Reviews. Review by CrystalGeyser. Review by leonais Review by JoeW. Review by Stephe Review by SleeplessCT.

Totally immersed game

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Totally Immersed